In Uludağ Ski Centre the ski tracks are about 20km long. In order to make Northern and Alphine Style Skiing, tour skiing and snowboarding there are suitable areas available also for Heliskiing. In Uludağ Ski Centre the height of the snow can reach upto 3 metres high during the winter. In Uludağ Ski Centre there are 8 chair-lifts and 7 teleskis serving.

The best times for skiing in Uludağ is during the period between December 20th and March 20th. Uludağ Ski Centre gets about 3 metres of snow under normal winter conditions displaying powdery snow at the beginning and dewy snow towards the end of winter. Uludağ’s Ski Centre’s hotel region include 8 chair-lifts and 7 teleskis in the 15 mechanical facilities there are 11000 person/hour capacity existing and 13 various ski tracks in the ski centre.

Nearest Airport: İstanbul Sabiha Gokchen / Istanbul Ataturk
Tourist Office Phone: +90 224 285 2111
Tourist Office Website: goturkey.com
Slopeside accommodation: yes


Single output: 10 TL
4-hour check-out: $ 50
1 daily output: 70 TL
Daily output of 1.5: 90 TL
2 daily output: 120 $
2,5 daily output: 150 TL
The log output 3: $ 170
4 daily output: 200 TL
5 daily output: 230 TL

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